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Dream Index
 May 2023

Exploring the theme of Korean Dream Interpretation (해몽) in a riddle format, I designed a space where people can enjoyably interact and learn about culture of Korean dream interpretation. This included creating a book with 57 dream interpretations, pattern images, and 200 icons, utilizing various elements like acrylic laser cutting in the design process.

1. Spinning Dream panels 
2. Finding the corresponding Icon card
3. Reading dream interpretation of matching icon 



Table of Contents, Title Page, Content, Bitmap Pattern Images
> Total of 140 pages, Hardcover Book

Book Content:
57 interpretations of dreams known as common dreams in Korea - lucky, ominous, and conception
> Korean/English Translation, 200 icons summarizing the interpretation

Exhibition Space

Explore the exhibition here

Step 1.

Spin the dream panels to explore various dream icons. Each panel presents a diverse set of dream icons, each accompanied by keywords.

Step 2.

As you spin, discover dream icons and find the corresponding icon cards. These cards hold the numbers to unlock the full dream interpretation.


Step 3.
Open the Dream Index book. Refer the numbers written on the icon cards to find dream interpretations in both English and Korean.
Also, enjoy the diverse pattern images inspired by dreams.